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 Ethnics Fight: Korean .vs. American

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PostSubject: Ethnics Fight: Korean .vs. American   Tue Dec 01, 2009 6:37 pm and Dougmo were talking the other day, and I decided to try something from Family Guy (Road to Multiverse). Here's the log...

Mikmo: Hey Korean! Eat any dogs latley?
Dougmo: No, but hey American! Got any fatter lately?
Mikmo: Nah! Say, what's easier to cook for Koreans, Street Cat or Domestic?
Dougmo: I don't know! What fast food place is grosser? McDonalds or Burger King?
Girl Who Happens To Be Listening: Definitly Burger King.
Mikmo: Neither!
Dougmo: So, you guys liking Obama yet?
Mikmo: No! How are you guys liking your dictator?
Dougmo: We're loving him! Have any gang wars lately?
Mikmo: Of course! Having any Religious revolutions recently?
Dougmo: Nope! Buh-bye American!

Then he walked away. I don't think this is racist/stereotypical persay...just akward, humorus, and obnoxious on my part! bounce
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Ethnics Fight: Korean .vs. American
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