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 The Espion Constitution

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PostSubject: The Espion Constitution   Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:57 pm

The Espion Constitution will designate our government, means of diplomacy, and our citizens' rights.

A Citizen of Espionage...

A citizen of Espionage shall be considered a Espion. These Espions will be granted all rights that will be listed.


The citizens of Espionage shall be granted many rights in the region of Espionage...

Basic Rights

The citizens of Espionage shall be granted a few basic rights, which the other rights are based upon.

All Espions have the right to vote in the Senate.

All Espions may take part in elections.

All Espions may take part in the United Espion Military.

Advanced Rights

All Espions are also granted rights based upon the basic rights...

[b]All Espions may travel to colonies and back at will.

All Espions can run for any position (excluding Director).

Any Espion in the United Espion Military may resign at any time.


As with most NationStates regions, the government is one of the most important aspects of the region.


Elections for Co-Directior (World Assembly Delegate), Colonial Advisors (Delegates of the colonies), Commandores (leaders of a division), and the Regional Diplomat will be held as follows...

Co-Director- Every 3 Months.

Colonial Advisors- Every 2 Months.

Commandores- Anytime an election is requested with a reasonable reason for it.

Regional Diplomat- Every Month.

After anyone at these positions serve for one week, they may be impeached by the First Senate chamber in a vote if so requested.


The Espion Senate shall be divided into two chambers. The first chamber will consist of all Espions, including colonists. The second senate chamber will consist of the 4 positions mentioned above (all three commandores and every colonial advisor as well).

Bills are submissions to the Senate that alter the rights of citizens or involve passing laws (including RP laws). Acts involve changing diplomatic stance, banning a nation, and invading/defending/liberation. Second Senate Chamber senators may vote on bills in the First Chamber, but not acts in the First Chamber. Only acts will be passed on to the Second Chamber, which then only the SSC senators may vote.


The military is an important aspect of many regions.


The United Espion Military will only be deployed only in the event of invasion on Espionage, or when an act is passed through the First Senate Chamber AND Second Senate Chamber.


All members of the Espion military must be a WA nation, including Commandores.


Commandores are Espions who are the leaders of their divisions. They will become the delegate of a region their division invades.


Divisions are groups of soldiers in the UEM. There are a total of three. The divided groups are designed to keep things organized.


The Espion Constitution seeks to keep the region of Espionage safe & orderly throughout the years of NationStates.
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The Espion Constitution
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