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 Official Recruitment Letter

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PostSubject: Official Recruitment Letter   Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:26 pm

Here is the recruitment letter for the region of Espionage.

Please replace the part that says <your name> with the name of your nation. Leave EVERYTHING else alone.


Dear Highly Esteemed Leader...

  I'm <your name>, and I'd like to invite you to join the suspiciously conspicuous region of [region=Espionage].
  In [region=Espionage], we focus on the lesser things in NationStates. Such as roleplaying, having debates, and running a really neat spy agency! Here in [region=Espionage], we accept pretty much all political and religious views (Gotta Catch 'Em All!), so don't be afraid to express yourself! The forums is the epicenter of the forshadowed earthquake (Haiti didn't go as planned...) that is [region=Espionage]! On the forum, you can participate in roleplaying games, debate why squirells are better than Fords, and much more! We have a ratified constitution, a resonably sane government, and an ever-growing military as well! [region=Espionage] tries to give it's nations the chance to experience a little bit of everything NationStates has to offer.

So? What 'da say comrad?

I think you've caught on...So I won't tell you how to join.
        <your name>

Currently, we ask that you only send telegrams to nations in feeder regions. The Feeder Regions we recruit from are listed below, along with normal spawn rate.

The East Pacific : Good Spawn Rate

The North Pacific : Reasonable Spawn Rate

The Pacific : Good Spawn Rate

The South Pacific : Terrible Spawn Rate

The West Pacific : Bad Spawn Rate

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Official Recruitment Letter
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