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 What The Second Senate Chamber Is

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PostSubject: What The Second Senate Chamber Is   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:42 pm

Greetings and bienvenu (welcome)! My name is V.V. isn't? Okay...Greetings and bienvenu! My name is Eonic, and welcome to V. V. Argost's Wie-....what? That isn't the name of the thread? Oh forget it...

Greetings and bienvenu! Eonic here, and I want to explain what the Second Senate Chamber is. Let me explain...

After coming from the First Senate Chamber, which consists of all Espions, an act (remember, bills don't go to the second chamber, but can still be voted on by the SSC people) is voted on by the Director (leader), Co-Director (Delegate), and the officers. The title Officer consists of the Colonial Advisors (delegates of the colonies), Commandores (heads of a divisision), and the Regional Diplomat (Mikmo). After it is passed, either the diplomatic change is implemented, the invasion/defence/liberation begins, or a particulae nation is banned from the region.

I hope this explains a bit!
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What The Second Senate Chamber Is
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