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 What The First Senate Chamber Is

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PostSubject: What The First Senate Chamber Is   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:25 pm

After a few questions, I decided to explain what exactly the First Senate Chamber is...

The FSC consists of all Espions (including any colonists). You may vote on the current bill/act at vote here until it's been passed. You may not debate the bills/acts here. All debating must be done in the Debate Hall.

If the thing being voted upon is a bill, it will be passed if it gains the majority of people voting on it (if the bill get 9 FOR votes out of 12 votes, then it passes. If it get 6 out of 11 votes, a revote may be requested). However, if it is an act-which involves invading, changes in diplomatic stance, and banning of nations-it will be forwarded to the Second Senate Chamber to be voted upon by the Director (leader), Co-Director (Delegate), and the officers.
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What The First Senate Chamber Is
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