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 Rules for Submitting A Bill/Act ((READ BEFORE POSTING))

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PostSubject: Rules for Submitting A Bill/Act ((READ BEFORE POSTING))   Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:13 pm

Rules for Submitting A Bill/Act

Greetings fellow Espions. This thread is to explain how to properly identify, write, and submit an act or bill to the Senate. First of all, lets jot down some basics.

An act is something that will alter our diplomatic stance with another region, calls for the invasion/liberatyion/defence of a region, or involves banning nations from Espionage.

A bill is something that creates a new law for all Espions (including people in colonies). This can range from laws for nothing but roleplaying, or a law that directly affects Espions.

For example...: If a submission involves taking the right to vote away from colonists or prevents the hunting of chipmunks, then it's a bill.
If a submission involves say...ejecting Korea Bain from the region of Espionage, or invading The Spangled Empire, then it's an act.

Now, a bill must have at least 5 sentences to be considered a reasonable submission. It should have an opening statement about what the bill is about, a/some reason(s) why the law in the bill should be passed.

An act is pretty much the same, except it has to be 8 sentences at the least, and needs to list reasons for the change in diplomatic stance, banning of a nation, or invading/defending/liberating a region.

Finally, both types of submission should have the type of submission they are in the title. For example, if i'm submitting a bill that outlaws chipmunk hunting, I should label the subject (title) as Chipmunk Protection Act (BILL). It doesn't matter if a bill submission has [act in it's title, as long as it's designated as a bill in the subject, it'll fly.

All submissions the are eligable will be voted upon in the order they were submitted.

I hope this will help some people out!
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Rules for Submitting A Bill/Act ((READ BEFORE POSTING))
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